SWEDEN: SWEP is launching the FTW250AS brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE), the first to be based on its new Hypertwain technology.

Hypertwain is described as a technology that optimises both cooling and heating and keeps the need for space, electricity and refrigerants to a bare minimum. Hypertwain integrates several functions critical for evaporator and condenser duties in chiller and heat pump applications.

Unlike a standard BPHE, Hypertwain features an integrated suction gas heat exchanger (iSGHX) that is said to improve the evaporator performance. SWEP says that, as a result, Hypertwain allows OEMs to design and bring products to market with unrivalled seasonal efficiency in both heating and cooling mode, with the additional benefits of reduced refrigerant charge and footprint. 

The integrated iSGHX also enables control stability compared with an external SGHX. In addition, Hypertwain also improves freeze resistance and reduces water pressure drop, it is said.

The FTW250AS covers a capacity span up to around 70 USRt while the Hypertwain platform is being extended with additional BPHEs aiming for capacities up to 200 USRt with both single and dual circuit. Focus refrigerants are all high-pressure refrigerants such as R32, R410A, R454B, R452B, as well as being verified for R290 (propane).



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