SPAIN: Faced with rising fuel prices and EU efforts to reduce energy consumption, Spain has passed a decree that will limit air conditioning in public buildings below 27ºC. 

In line with the EU’s REPowerEU plan to rapidly reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels and fast forward the green transition, Spain is taking measures to limit energy use in public buildings. 

The measures include ensuring air conditioning is only switched on when required and maximising the use of free-cooling through natural or mechanical ventilation. 

In addition, air-conditioned premises will be limited to a temperature of 27ºC when cooling is required or not exceeding 19ºC when heating is needed. 

Last month, Italy announced it was limiting the operation of air conditioners to 25ºC in all public buildings. It states that the temperature must not be lower than 27ºC in summer, but allows a -2ºC tolerance, or higher than 19ºC in winter, with a +2ºC tolerance. 


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