JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Corporation (MHI) has developed a large capacity, ultra low temperature brine refrigeration system using nitrogen as the refrigerant. 

The new system can refrigerate at ultra-low and cryo-temperatures (brine temperature: -45℃ to -100℃) through application of MHI’s proprietary air refrigeration cycle technology.

MHI says sales will initially be targeted at the Japanese chemical processing industry. The first system has recently been delivered to The Honjo Chemical Corporation, an Osaka-based manufacturer of organic chemicals and other products.

The compact, inverter-controlled unit relies on MHI Group’s accumulated high technologies in gas turbines, capturing the energy generated during air expansion cooling and using it as drive power.

Going forward, MHI says it will continue promoting cooling systems that use natural refrigerants, which have zero ODP and GWP, as a way of contributing to protection of the global environment within the cryo-temperature refrigeration market. Sales expansion efforts will focus especially on domestic manufacturers of chemicals and fine chemicals.

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