JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is to include wireless LAN connectivity as standard on its ZSX Series and ZS Series of residential-use room air conditioners for the European market. 

Mass production will begin this month, and the company it will shortly also add wireless connectivity to its ZR series for the European market. Wireless LAN connectivity was previously only available as an optional extra. 

Users can control and monitor their air conditioner from a smartphone or tablet by downloading the dedicated Smart M-Air app. The app also offers other convenient features such as allowing users to check their electricity consumption, and power consumption display for improved energy management. Notifications can be set to inform users if they leave the house without turning off their air conditioner, this can all be managed via the app.

Designed by Italian company Tensa, the new ZSX series and ZS series currently include wireless interface control features. The ZSX series is equipped with motion sensors that detect human movement and adjust the room temperature automatically. 

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