USA: Honeywell says it is supporting Danfoss with the development of a soon-to-be launched range of scroll compressors based on low GWP refrigerants R1234ze and R515B.

The DSG compressors are specifically designed for medium pressure chillers to cool large buildings, infrastructure projects, district cooling/heating, and other applications. With this new compressor technology, the use of R1234ze and R515B will have the possibility to expand into OEM’s scroll chiller platforms

Due to be launched in the second quarter of 2022, Honeywell says the compressors will deliver improved energy efficiency over models based on R410A, while offering the same cooling capacity and similar footprint.

R1234ze is a single component HFO with a GWP of 7. It is classed as A2L under the ASHRAE 34 and ISO 817 standards. R515B is predominantly R1234ze(E), with the addition of just a small amount (8.9%) of R227ea. It is an A1 (non-flammable) refrigerant with a GWP of 293.

“Danfoss’ new DSG scroll compressors represent an industry breakthrough on a number of fronts, and allow customers to meet the most stringent sustainability, performance and safety targets,” said Ken West, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Fluorine Products. “Compared with R410A-based solutions, the R1234ze models tick three critical boxes where no other solution exists today: near carbon neutrality, high performance, and safety. Meanwhile, the R515B models provide the only low GWP, non-flammable alternative to R410A ideal for indoor applications.”


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