GERMANY: EBM‑Papst has developed the iQ-one EC motor, which enables an output power of up to 5W for like-for-like replacement of existing Q or shaded-pole motors in refrigeration applications.

The iQ-one can be combined with fan impellers of 154, 172 and 200mm diameter. It is described as an efficient fan solution for a wide range of applications, especially with aerodynamically optimised fan impellers of 172 and 200mm and particularly in supermarkets, where many fans operate continuously.

Compared to conventional Q motors, EBM‑Papst says it has a high motor efficiency level of 50% and operates at full power with low noise characteristics. It is designed for all typical supply voltages and can therefore be used worldwide. 

As standard, the new iQ-one EC motor meets the European standards EN 60335-2-24 and EN 60335-2-89.


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