What exactly is the air conditioners? Air conditioners cool and make your house comfortable. They use heat from the environment to push hot air outside, lowering the temperature inside your house, and reduces the humidity in the air. You may think that the air conditioners would take care of all your family’s problems, but unfortunately it has much more to do than just dehumidify your house.


There are two parts to an air conditioning system. There is the main air conditioner, also called the evaporator, and then there is what is known as the conditioners – the humidifiers. The conditioners work in tandem with the evaporator to lower the humidity in the air in a specific room or area. The reason why humidifiers are needed is because without them your entire house becomes moist and smells musty.


Most people associate ductwork with the poor indoor air quality that you get in most houses. But this is not true at all. Your central air conditioners need to ventilate as well, and ductwork only gets dirty because it is so clogged with dust and mold. There are many different types of air conditioners that you can get; some are window type, others are open, and some are split.