BELGIUM: Daikin Europe has invested €13m in its Turkish factory to commence production of its VRV air conditioning systems for the Turkish and Middle Eastern market.

The decision is said to be based on the company’s strategy to manufacture close to the market, in order to shorten supply lead times and be more flexible in responding to demand. In addition, VRV systems for Turkey and the ME have until now been manufactured at Daikin’s Ostend factory, which is now increasing production of heat pumps for the European heating markets.

Daikin has been operating in Turkey through distributors since 1978, and commenced manufacturing when it acquired Turkish air conditioning manufacturer Airfel in July 2011. The factory is in Hendek, a town in Sakarya Province.

“The new VRV production lines at the Turkish factory are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology to optimise sustainability, efficiency and quality control,” said Hiromitsu Iwasaki, vice president of Daikin Europe. 

Each production line consists of individual 4m modules for each production process, such as assembly, refrigerant filling, inspection and packaging, depending on the factory’s production volume and production items. It has been introduced at Daikin’s factory in Japan, the USA and other countries to standardise production lines to achieve uniform, high quality production. 

The factory has also been equipped with an energy saving exhaust-heat-recovery system. In 2020, solar panels across the entire roof of the 55,000m² factory, which has since been generating all of its energy needs.

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